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TGP stands for Thumbnail Gallery Post.  Each TGP has a very long list of free porn galleries, plus usually an archive section. Each TGP probably has at least 5000 free pics.  Galleries are are usually 20 pictures in a series, arranged in thumbnails.  Find the TGP, find the galleries, click the thumbnails and there you have it: THE TRUE SECRET TO FREE PORN!!  If you have a fast connection, also look for movie galleries, those are usually mpegs and it's easy to save the best ones on your hard drive.  TGP's, in my opinion, are the best way to surf porn for free.  All the galleries are usually screened in one way or another so that all the pictures you see are high in quality.  Sometimes, TGP's send you to link trades and it's usually worth a look around for new quality porn.  Also if you come across dead or shitty links or popups, please report them to the owner of the TGP and most of them will work with you to ban such cheating sites.

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